We are planning for the future of our center and the future of our students.

Help us secure Christian higher education for the next 100 years in Central Kentucky.

To ensure Life Change really does happen here, the entire faculty and staff at CU Harrodsburg believe in giving back to the current scholarship funds and the CU Harrodsburg endowment. At CU Harrodsburg we strive for students to have a tuition payment that is closer to a cell phone bill rather than a mortgage (before student loans).

You, too, can help secure future generations of educated students for the next 100 years through Advancement!

Advancement Updates

  • There is more than $1.5 trillion dollars of student loan debt in the United States. We seek to be part of the solution and not part of furthering unreasonable student loan debt.

  • College and University tuition costs have steadily been on the rise. Costs to operate colleges and universities have also steadily risen. Each of these makes it even more important to stretch our dollars, reduce our costs, and help our students mitigate large student loan debt.

  • More than 250 people donate annually to Campbellsville University Harrodsburg.

  • Virtually all faculty and staff give back to Campbellsville University Harrodsburg.

  • More than $1.5 million has been raised each year between property, land, and cash donations since the inception of CU Harrodsburg in 2016.

  • CU Harrodsburg gave more than $500,000 to student scholarships through fundraising in the 2018-2019 academic year.

  • We are in the silent phase of a capital campaign, which is the “Securing Life Change Campaign”. This is part of the “Our Time This Place” capital campaign extension across the entire Campbellsville University system.

  • All gifts are tax deductible under the Campbellsville University non-profit 501-C3 status.

You, too, can help secure future generations of educated students for the next 100 years through Advancement!


Anytime someone makes a leap of faith to donate their talents and their treasures, we take it seriously. We stand ready to meet with you and help determine a giving plan that makes sense.
A person or organization may also gift stocks, including zero basis stocks, land, property, vehicles, and even fully depreciated rental property.
For one-on-one personalized assistance, please always feel free to call, email, or text:

Choe Sergent, Assistant Vice President of University Outreach
(270) 789-5510

To give online, simply click the Donate Online button located below and you can make any size donation and designate it however you choose between Scholarships, Capital Projects, Endowment, and Unrestricted.

Are you ready for life change?