Athletics at CU Harrodsburg
is more than a Game

Athletics at CU Harrodsburg is more than a Game.

Representing our diverse and engaging athletic programs year-round.

On behalf of the Campbellsville University Harrodsburg Athletic Department, I want to welcome all students, faculty, staff, and community members to be involved in our athletic programs at CU Harrodsburg.

Intercollegiate athletics is a great proponent of growth and opportunity for anyone that elects to participate. We give student-athletes an opportunity to learn essential life skills while developing their own talents and abilities. At Campbellsville University Harrodsburg, student-athletes also have the opportunity to develop relationships with teammates, instructors, coaches, community members, and above all else, their relationship with Christ.

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Sports at CU Harrodsburg

Campbellsville University Harrodsburg is a Division II member of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) and the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA). All rules, regulations, and policies from these governing bodies are adhered to at all times.

Currently, our department sponsors Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Men’s. Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Esports, Golf, Cheerleading, Cross Country and Bowling.
Our campus is blessed to have just constructed a brand new athletic facility within walking distance of our residential facilities.

As a member of the Campbellsville University Harrodsburg athletic department, our institutional standard encourages student-athletes to strive to be at their best in all aspects. From the classroom, the playing court, the workplace, the community and everywhere in between, our student-athletes represent our standard at CU Harrodsburg.

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Our Mission

Our campus mission is to inspire life change, and our athletic programs at CU Harrodsburg are no exception. Student-athletes are encouraged to discover the life-changing power of Christ through the lessons and experiences obtained in part from intercollegiate athletics

Our campus, community, staff, and coaches are here to provide that opportunity. We hope to help you discover your life-changing opportunity with CU Harrodsburg Athletics today!

Jason Travis, Assistant Athletic Director of Campbellsville University Harrodsburg
859-605-1389, ext. 9028

To learn more about our programs and see upcoming games, simply click the CU Harrodsburg Athletics button located below to redirect to the athletics website.

Are you ready for life change?